專為孩子設計的Cho Cho platoon由出版商「Skidschool」CEO本人與四隻情緒IP組成。以此小隊延伸至各領域,運用在繪本、桌遊、親子演唱會、商品上。我們專注於關心孩子情緒問題與親子互動主題,藉由遊戲促進親子溝通與發現自我情緒,學會正向表達。

目前「CHO CHO GAME」情緒桌遊系列已開發兩款。情緒IP有四隻:樂觀的「嗨扣扣」、容易生氣的「頂扣扣」、沒安全感的「軟扣扣」、容易焦慮的「驚扣扣」。

The Cho Cho platoon specially designed for children is composed of the publisher "Skidschool" CEO himself and four emotional IPs. This team extends to various fields, and is used in picture books, board games, parent-child concerts, and merchandise. We focus on caring about children's emotional problems and parent-child interaction topics, and use games to promote parent-child communication and discover self-emotions, and learn to express positively.

At present, two series of "CHO CHO GAME" emotional board games have been developed. There are four emotional IPs: the optimistic "weee weee", the easily angry "grr grr", the insecure "shh shh", and the anxious "hum hum".

IP design, illustration:YI CHIN CHEN。Porducer:Skidschool

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Weee Weee,  Grr Grr, Shh Shh, Hum Hum, Cho Cho

1· 《CHO CHO GAME 1:cho cho Korakuen》



1. "CHO CHO GAME: cho cho Korakuen" 

draws situational illustrations with emotional IP and card questions. The situational design is divided into four levels according to age, showing the emotional expression of different ages, a total of 64 cards. Let children know themselves while playing games and learn to express positively. 

There are four character IP glasses in the box, choose your favorite character to play, draw cards, simulate emotional actions and answer questions according to the questions. In the "Adult Handbook", there are references for parents to guide questions. The game can also be played together with the "turning cards", and there are many ways to play.

2.《CHO CHO GAME 2:Emotional Adventure House》



2. "CHO CHO GAME: Emotional Adventure House" 

divides children's living places into three types, each with 10 emotional challenges. After children draw cards, adults can use guide cards for QA, encouraging children to share their experiences and emotions. 

The card game can also be combined with "Happy Magic Disk" and "Wooden Character" to complete the icon task on the back of the card, which can be completed by moving the wooden toy without covering the fart icon. If you are unsuccessful, you can play the game with the emotional resolution tasks in the manual.



  • adult handbook
  • character glasses*4
  • game cards*16
  • game board
  • task card*64

 "CHO CHO GAME: cho cho Korakuen" , 2020,producer:Skidschool

IP ,illustration:YI CHIN CHEN . Board game visual design:IF OFFICE

2.《CHO CHO GAM 2:情感冒險屋》

  • adult handbook
  • Mission Card*30
  • happy magic disk
  • Wooden toys*4
  • Adult Universal Card*4

"CHO CHO GAME: Emotional Adventure House", 2022,producer:Skidschool

IP ,illustration:YI CHIN CHEN 


扣扣老師和情緒IP還為孩子製作了親子音樂會“Be A SuperKid”、認識情緒塗鴉繪本、快樂背包、拼圖、情緒丟球玩具⋯⋯

Teacher CHO CHO and Emotional IP also made parent-child concerts, graffiti picture books about emotions, happy backpacks, puzzles, and emotional throwing ball toys for children……

"Be A SuperKid" parent-child concert teaser video

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